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      3. after-sale service

        The company has a sound product after-sales technical service system, strict measures and strong technical force in product after-sales service, and the service team will go wherever the products can be guaranteed. To meet the various requirements of customers for molds as much as possible.

        The basic warranty period of mold products sold by the company is 3 months, and the warranty period of special types is subject to the contract. Free door-to-door service during the warranty period, except for failures or damages caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena.

        After receiving the repair notice, the company rushed to the scene within seven working days and sent professional technicians to help solve the problem.

        In case of performance failure in normal use, the company promises to provide the above guarantee services. In addition, if the applicable national laws and regulations specify otherwise, the company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

        During the warranty period, paid maintenance service will be implemented in the following cases:

        1. Damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena.

        2. Failure or damage caused by improper operation.

        3. Failure or damage due to the transformation, disassembly and assembly of the mold.